Analyzing The Bad Nigerian Electoral System, Bad Mentality And Culture Of Nigerian’s Who are meant To Be Change Agents. WHAT WE HAVE TO DO

For a pack of salt or a bag of rice, we have sold ourselves as slaves to the political elite.

They breed lies as promises and dole out small money, and we receive without questions, we eat and are satisfied and wait for the next campaign to eat some more. While they enrich themselves for four years, waiting for the next election to share some more salt.
Election day, majority aren’t excited to take power into their hands, they lie at home, scared for their lives.
How did we get here?
We’ve been robbed of our franchise.
How did we get here? WE GOT OUR SELVES HERE

The masses have preferred illiterates as leaders, with promise of free education for all, I’ve seen that education… It’s all smokes and mirrors. Children come out of schools in droves, but an insignificant number of them are educated.
To the masses, N10,000 can be seen as a satisfactory reward for four years of robbery, and a motorbike donation makes the politician God almighty receiving so much appraisal from the people he leads who are all ignoramus and cannot question why it only comes during the election periods.
Where did this wickedness come from?
Like my friend puts it “A wickedness that knows no tribe or religion.
Although it seems to know a geographical location called Africa, then has a focus on the western parts of it, and built it’s tent in Nigeria.
Men now exhibit evil in daylight, an activity usually relegated to the night time, occur during the day without fear. Men speak threats on national media without any fear of consequence.
How did we get here?
Sanders, Trump and Clinton are currently slugging it out for the upcoming elections, no loss of life has been recorded or even imagined…. And their contest is to control the world power, yet no death recorded. But down here, blood is spilled in almost every election.
How did we get here?
It’s not a question of Biafra or Oduduwa or Arewa, none of these, can solve this problem. For this evil has a representative in all tribes in our country.”
What is the solution?
Nigerians have to first start by dropping the division mentality. Every Nigerian is something before he/she is a Nigerian. They are either a christian, Muslim, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Calabar, APC, PDP, APGA etc. But they are something before being a Nigerian and that is the beginning of the Nigerian problem.
It is this evil sentiment that cloud our judgments, and causes us to vote wrongly during election, all we now desire is our own to be in power, not the right person to be in power, and even when we have the opportunity to make the right choice, we would be willing to go to war for this evil politicians because of petty gifts and money they give to us. Are they worth it? Where are their children? Can’t they go to fight for their parents? The answer is NO. Their children are abroad. But to them your lives are worthless, and if you die, its not even going to be heard. So like David got rid of Urriah by placing him in war front to own Bathsheba and make her his, they get rid of you to own your resources and make it theirs. They don’t even remember those who died fighting for them, they care only for their selfish desires..But this is not a lesson because 4 years later another bunch of foolish Nigerians will still fall victims. when was experience not the best teacher? obviously when it is dealing with Nigerians
Lets start by putting Nigeria first before every other thing we are, and vote the right people no matter the sub group they fall into, and come out to vote during elections. WE HAVE THE POWER TO ELECT, RE-ELECT AND DE-SELECT. its true that these people rig, that’s not the problem. Let the change start with you, and when this evil men eventually see the uniting force of the masses, and they are aware that we would stand for the truth and positive change, no matter who it is, They will give up because their crime will become too obvious.
I would do my best to shine a light, irrespective of how small the rays may seem, for in a collective sense, small rays of light can become the sun.

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