The Nigerian Macroscopic Culture HOW DO WE REALLY ACT? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

 It’s probably a culture problem.                                                                                                             

Like a friend put it “Not the microscopic culture in terms of tribal cultures, but a macroscopic one in terms of national philosophy.

Unfortunately this culture has been etched into most inhabitants of this nation, and can also be seen exhibited in Africa as a whole ; we see the reckless abandon of “humanity” to selfishness and unfathomable wickedness.

I am sincerely baffled at this prevalent thought pattern
It’s not religion, it’s not diversity, because there are other religious countries and places as diverse or even more diverse than ours. So the handle bars we hold onto for our support blame are rickety.
Why do we act the way we do?
Why do we think the way we do?
Why is the culture of the Nigerian man so different?, so shallow if I may say.
Someone gets knocked down in an accident, instead of police involvement we have a violent free for all.”
someone commits a crime, instead of police involvement we have jungle justice.
Someone enters the public office and steals for himself, as well as his unborn generation and is unable to do a thing in all his stay in office, and he walks away free.
Why are we drastically different in thought? Why is our culture so different?
I think it’s something worth thinking of. 
Where did this prevalent and mysterious culture come from?
I know someone would say our colonial masters. But NO its not our colonial masters, its our fathers, they passed down a bad culture to us and we adopted it and have refused to drop it.
We must never forget that evil dwells in humanity and crime is not found only in Nigeria , the difference between Nigeria and other successful nations happens to be our weak institutions. You think public officials don’t steal in this big nations? WELL THEY DO. They steal but they put their nations development into consideration, They keep developing the nation so that when they steal its unnoticed and rather than being caught they provide more to steal from. That’s not to say stealing is good, but that leads me to remind you that when they steal, they are easily caught and prosecuted no matter who the thief is, ‘NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW’ an example is ‘Spiro Agnew’ Vice President of the United States Of America ,1969-1973. 
The problem is the Nigerian Arms/Organs of government( Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary) i will also lay much emphasis on the Nigerian justice system( The police, The court, and The Prison). This institutions have been so weak since the beginning of time, that is why jungle justice, free for all fight even in the national assembly , as well as freedom of fraudulent public officials prevails in the everyday Nigerian society.( THIS IS THE PROBLEM, BUT WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?)  


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