Nigeria is a nation with great population and natural endowment but among the most underdeveloped countries of the world. Nigeria has rich natural resources, a nation blessed with raw material of all kinds but imports more than 70% of its products. WHY IS THIS?
Nigeria records more than 2 million graduates every year, from various courses but they come out only to top up the number of unemployed in the society, blaming the government for the misfortune. yes the government is to blame, but who is the government?  The government are just a selected representative, they can’t take up all the different wealth creating economic activities  in the nation in other to stop the lack so that’s where you come in. 
why the education if after the years spent in the higher institution you only come out to wait for white collar jobs. where are our engineering, business, marketing, agriculture etc. students? well since we already got here, what is the solution?
Nigeria has to let go of waiting for government creation of jobs, and most importantly advance from producing and manufacturing just consumer necessary goods, to producing those goods we spend lots of money importing.
what’s the logic?
if you produce this goods the government spend alot of money manufacturing, the government will soon see the need to stop its importation. you are the only producer of this product, and if they are any, they would only be a few, what this means is there would be less competition for you. soon you won’t only be a big entrepreneur, you will also be helping the nation reduce unemployment.
Here Is Therefore A List Of Best Bet Entrepreneurial Activities Nigerians Should Venture Into 
  1. Margarine
  2. vegetables oil
  3. Poultry chicken, eggs, turkey
  4. Private airplanes/jets
  5. Tinned fish in sauce(Geisha)/sardines
  6. Cold rolled steel sheets
  7. Galvanized steel sheets
  8. Roofing sheets
  9. Wheelbarrows
  10. Head pans
  11. Metal boxes and containers
  12. Enamelware
  13. Steel drums
  14. Steel pipes
  15. Wire rods(deformed and not deformed)
  16. Iron rods and reinforcing bard
  17. Wire mesh
  18. Steel nails
  19. Security  and razor wine
  20. Wood particle boards and panels
  21. Wood Fibre Boards and Panels
  22. Plywood boards and panels
  23. Wooden doors
  24. Toothpicks
  25. Glass and Glassware
  26. Kitchen utensils
  27. Tableware
  28. Tiles-vitrified and ceramic
  29. Textiles
  30. Woven fabrics
  31. Plastic and rubber products, polypropylene granules , cellophane wrapper
  32. Tomatoes/tomato pastes
  33.  Linseed oil 
  34.  Castor oil
  35. Olive oils 
  36. Crude vegetable oil
  37. Sanitary Wares of Plastics and Domestic Articles and Wares of Plastics 
  38.  Baby Feeding bottles 
  39.  flushing cistern 
  40.  waterless loose
  41. Corrugated Paper
  42.  Paper Boards, 
  43. cartons boxes 
  44. cases made from corrugated paper and paper boards
  45.  Toilet paper, Cleaning or facial tissue 
  46.  baby diapers and incotinent pads for adult use.
  47. Toothpicks
  48. Airmail Photographic Printing Paper
  49. Candle
  50. Power Banks
  51. Memory Card
  52. Car Trackers
  53. Games
  54. Wrist Watches
  55. Camera
  56. Printers
  57. Scanners
  58. Vacuum Cleaners
  59. CCTV Cables
  60. CCTV Cameras
  61. Projectors
  62. Phone Panels
  63. Lawn Mowing Machines
  64. Fumigating Machines
  65. Computer Accessories
  66. Cookers
  67. Electric Bulbs
  68. Motor Parts
  69. Tricycle Parts
  70. Generator Parts
  71. Motorcycle Parts
  72. Electronic Home Appliances
  73. Car Batteries
  74. Car Stereos
  75. Electrical Equipment
  76. Clinical Equipment
  77. Musical Instruments
  78. Building Materials
  79. Laboratory Equipment
  80. Toys
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