• Great inequality in distribution of wealth
  •  Political office as the primary means of gaining access to wealth
About 80% of the high and mighty swimming in so much wealth in Nigeria can’t give any legitimate clear explanation of how they accumulated so much wealth. The majority of people in this position happen to be politicians of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They keep accumulating this wealth that there is poor circulation of wealth in the country. Therefore, they who are the rich, get richer, and the poor gets poorer. Many leaders have helped boost the economies of other nations by depositing embezzled money in foreign banks. Political actors are the greatest enemies of Nigeria, they start the root corruption that eventually springs out to a big tree of national problems.
Where do we start pointing it out from, embezzlement of funds, election rigging, influencing of the judicial system, all this and more, pollutes the system and create problems for the nation.
Because the mess the country faces starts from the top, that is the politicians, the solution can as well be found in them. Firstly the issue of all our politicians spending the better parts of their life abroad and keeping their families there is one of the major problems we have, that makes for corruption. I will ask; how many politicians from other countries, have you seen in Nigeria, or even their children? None. The moment any Nigerian politician is elected or appointed into office, they want to celebrate their birthdays abroad, buy their phones, cars, and every other thing abroad. this practice put so much demand on the Naira, placing too much pressure on the Naira that causes it to depreciate. When this happens, The politicians will feel the need to accumulate more wealth as the demand has become higher, this makes for illegal accumulation(corruption), inadequate distribution of wealth, eventually the masses at the loosing end would want to do anything to create wealth, even getting involved in illegal practices.
          When the leaders of Nigeria are satisfied with the salary they are paid and use them in the right way, the issue of embezzlement and money laundering will be history.

Secondly, Nigeria politicians should stop, or be stopped from giving bribes during elections, to get voted for. When i say bribe, i mean financial bribe, material, emotional or which ever way it comes. i say this because this politicians will do anything to rig an election, giving the masses money and gift, paying pastors to campaign for them in their congregation and even paying traditional rulers to get their subjects to vote.Voting is a civic right that should be respected. No leader reserves the right to impose a certain candidate on any electorate. Nigerians should not be manipulated, they should be left to vote with a clear mind.

Thirdly, Nigerians are not sincere and transparent about their take on corruption. An instance, A politician who earns about 50 million Naira as salary, gives his constituency a donation of 100 million Naira, 50 computers, 100 sowing machines and lots more. And everyone is hailing him like he is the messiah, not asking questions on how this money was gotten, Were public funds looted for this purpose? No questions are asked. Until Nigerians become true to themselves, standing on transparent grounds in the issues of corruption, then we can move forward.

                            JUSTICE SYSTEM
  • The weakness of social and governmental enforcement mechanisms
  • Ineffective/weak criminal justice system(police, court, and prison)

The nonchalant attitude of those who are supposed to enforce the laws of the land could lead to people engaging in corrupt behavior, knowing fully well that they would get away with it. 

    Where do we start when it comes to the nature of corruption observed in the police? Do we start with the bribery, intimidation, sexual harassment of the young inmates in the prisons, or turning truths upside down? There is a saying that “police are your friends”; in Nigeria policemen are your enemies because they can deny the truth and collect bribes to do so. Because of the encounter many Nigerians have had with policemen, even the good ones among them are generalized as being bad. What a shame.
    The police who work in some checkpoints on the expressways cannot do so without collecting of bribes from car owners and drivers. Their interest is to collect money from road users and not to secure the road. Bribes become compulsory even when your particulars are in order. Bus drivers must offer money before they continue with their transportation business.

    Some women prison inmates went into prisons singled to come out doubled. What this implies is that the policemen use the opportunity they have to assault women who are imprisoned. The women may say no, but because the policemen have guns, the women could not do anything. They were impregnated before they were granted bail.

    Lets talk about the ills of the Nigerian customer service. The customs service of Nigeria is the organization that is authorized to clear goods that are imported into the country. They are another corrupt lot.

    In many cases, you must pay bribes to customs before your goods are cleared. Many containers are being held daily  by customs because the owners are not willing to pay the large amount of money being demanded. Many of this goods are eventually sold out by them, for their own gain. Even contraband goods brought into the country are as well sold by those who are suppose to avoid its entry.
     But all this are the least of our discuss
    The Nigerian justice system is the mess we want to talk about, and how they have caused more harm than good to the society.
    The police is a disappointment, they have made them selves tools for corrupt political activities. They have forgotten their role in the society chasing money and power. when a person goes to report a criminal case to the police, they are not willing to take actions until they are paid, no matter the person who came to make the report. I heard the story of a young lady who was almost raped, and after escaping, quickly went to report to the police, and because she had no money to give to them they told her she should just thank God she escaped and go. how sad.
    When cases are brought to the police, they are willing be in favor of the highest bedder and they care 
    less. That’s why our politicians and likes, go free, even after committing serious crimes.

             The court is no better. The judiciary which is supposed to operate independent of the legislative is constantly being interfered with, this are the reasons why a case will be in court for many years, unattended to, in many cases because the judge has been paid, or is scared of passing judgement.


    Treating any offender in the country equally will help reduce corruption. Nobody is above the law and anyone who acts contrary to it should be given the punishment that he or she deserves. If any minister or head of state is given the punishment he deserves for corruption, others will learn and separate themselves from any corrupt practice.

    Creating strong anti-corruption institutions is another arsenal to win the fight against corruption. This group is to work independently with the government to ensure transparency. Anyone who is caught in corrupt practice by the group should experience the consequences decided by the anti-corruption agency. That he is a minister or governor of a state should not be an excuse from facing the punishment he is to receive according to the Constitution of Nigeria.

                       POOR YOUTH EMPOWERMENT 

    • weak institutions
    •  Bad public perception

    Corruption is the order of the day in Nigerian universities, polytechnics and colleges. Lecturers have turned their jobs into nothing but part to national destruction.” Most lecturers have taken advantage of the opportunity of their position to extort students. sexual harassment of female students by lecturers is on a steady increase in the society. students who can easily submit what ever to their lecturers do it for good grades, even when they don’t merit it. And those who can’t, fail even when they have worked hard. 
    Government allocation of funds to institutions is really on the low side. Even when funds are allocated, they are miss-managed and used up for personal issues by the management. 
    Many Nigerian students are not admitted on merit, neither are they graduated on merit. In-fact a large number have degrees from universities they didn’t graduate from. it’s all a give and take system. its either they made their way through friends and families or of-cause paid their way through. When dirty practices like this goes on, what is the faith of students who actually merit this things? that is when Nigeria produce graduates who are worthless and unemployable graduates.


    When lecturers that are meant to be guardians to students, teach them and give them the opportunity to be corrupt, what kind of orientation are they then passing to the youths? Nigeria should create bodies that should look into tertiary institutions affairs, doing away with corrupt lecturers. I won’t say the NUC because they are even more corrupt, and they also have to be screened. but except they are, their is need for a strong body. 

    Attention should be  paid to the standard of education in tertiary institutions in the country, in other for them to produce graduates who are employable.

    Nigeria should continuously empower its youths on skill acquisition in other for them to be self sufficient, and not dependent on only government creation of employment. 

    • Bad nature of the economy
    • Poor reward system 

     According to the World Bank, over 65% of Nigerians live below 1.25 dollar that is about N320 per day. This is poverty, and poverty leaves people exposed to crime, because man would do anything to survive and sadly the society has no social safety net. 

    Those who are employed are no much better from the unemployed because the Nigerian reward system is very poor. The nations reward system is probably the poorest in the entire globe. Workers are used and abused, harassed, threatened and often discarded without any appreciation for their contribution to their organizations and to the society at large, this bad system also involves the non-payment of workers for months. if this workers have no other source of income, How are they taking care of their family obligations?  The nation must not forget that they must survive. this leaves them exposed to crimes.  

    The unemployed in the country find themselves involved in corruption mainly because they want to make money to meet the demand of the day. Governments and capable hands should endeavor to generate more jobs for citizens to get employed and paid in return. A busy mind may find it difficult to indulge in corruption because he is being paid adequately.

    Nigeria should take the welfare of her workers at heart for improved productivity, which will in turn increase the nations Gross Domestic Product (GDP), export capacity, more jobs and sociopolitical stability. But their productivity will remain low if the nations reward system does not improve. This may result in plants closure, loss of jobs, and increased human misery. A happy and healthy worker is normally a high productive employee (all things being equal). Moreover, workers should be paid when it is due.

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