Nwitte-Eze Onyekachi

Poor Attitude by Countrymen to the Environment


Every day, we complain about the country being bad. Countrymen complain of the bad roads, lack of basic amenities, the government’s inability to help Nigerians have a better environment…and a lot of other things we love to blame the government for. Now my question to you complaining citizen of the federation is this; the provided facilities and infrastructures, how have you maintained them?

You see, I think it’s time we stopped scrutinizing the government and take a glance only at ourselves. We have terrible attitudes and are really unpatriotic. We litter our surroundings without conscience, defecate by the roadsides like people from the stone age (I am sure they even did better), We do not take care of our surroundings and sometimes allow leaves from fallen trees in our houses to cloud tarred roads around us so much that a person coming into the neighborhood doesn’t even know there is a good road underneath. When we decide to use public rest rooms, it is a disaster, a disaster worse than the crisis in the north east or the 2012 flood. In our offices, we manhandle the provided paraphernalia and other equipment after all; it is “government property”. Even when the sign boldly states “post no bills” we defy the order and put our stupid adverts and end up ruining the walls when they decide to pull it out. We vandalize pipelines, polluting our environments damning the consequences and later saying the government has refused to clean up the lands. We are extremely selfish in our ways. We have a nauseating nonchalant attitude to public properties, it becomes repugnant.

The problem is we carry this wicked nonchalant attitude to our habitation. When we leave in rented houses, we destroy the properties we meet there and ruin people’s business, why? Is this because it isn’t your personal house? Or you paid too much rent so you would want the landlord to use your balance for renovation? Some of you break up and dig into tarred roads just so you can ‘connect’ water to your houses… what insolence! Whereas there are a thousand legal ways you could have done it but you want the cheaper route at the detriment of others.

I would like to let you in on a big secret today, NEWS FLASH!!! IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT’S PROPERTY, NO NOT ALL. IT IS NIGERIA’S PROPERTY, AND IT IS FOR NIGERIANS. Mind blowing discovery right? You will need this information for behavior modification purposes. The road was built for your comfort and so was the rest room (yet you decide to treat it with scorn behaving like an uncivilized entity), you litter and pollute the surroundings, then have the guts to open your gutter and complain about the government? You are just as awful as they are, maybe worse. Yes!

Nigerians need to get their heads out of wherever it is stuck and come to reality, leave government and their issues alone (but only for a couple of days so the government don’t sell this country before we are back from the break because they can do that) and focus on ourselves. Only then would we realize we are a whopping 50% of the problems facing this country (amazing fact). I cannot emphasize the need for our attitudes to be right. It is imperative and essential to the growth of our nation.

If you do not throw sachet water nylons and other edibles pack in your parlors, then please do not throw it on the streets. If you would flush and maintain the restroom in your house, please show some decorum when you use the public restrooms and save us the stress of inhaling what could damage our lungs permanently. If you will not post stupid bills and write on the walls in your home, please stop destroying our facilities. If you would not damage your personal computer intentionally, misuse your electricity or mismanage your appliances in your home, don’t come out and be a mean person ruining all of the country’s property in your work place or wherever.  But if that is how you live in your house, please don’t wash your dirty linens in public. Behave civilized when you step out of your abode and keep your nasty attitude to the confinement of your home please.

Take care of Nigeria and Nigeria’s properties and surroundings so Nigeria can take care of you too. The government will come and go but Nigeria will remain and will always be ours to love and protect for generations to come. We should show concern for what is being provided no matter how little it is and call others to order when they stray. If we are not faithful in little, we will not be faithful in much hence, the need for the appeal to protect and love the little we have been given. The Nigeria of our dreams will not be built by the government alone because, Change begins with you and me indeed like it or not

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