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Political Party: Nigerians are too partisan for our development

political party

Okay, let’s talk about America today. Yippee!!! I can see the huge smile on your face. How do I know? Because the people from my country loooove America with all their heart and mind. And the mere fact that they are a topic of discussion interests the African man more than his existence. Who has been following up on the forth coming election that would hold in November?

For those who aren’t following, I am more than willing to fill you in. there are two parties; the republican and the democrat. How were the candidates picked? They were voted in. All those who were interested in contesting for either party declared interest and was allowed to battle at the primaries while the masses voted so no candidate was imposed on them by any political party. The people made their choice and the chosen ones have advanced for the final battle of Armageddon. But why exactly are we discussing the elections?

Prior to this election, I almost didn’t know anything about political parties in the USA. The last time I heard of it was in 2008 and 2012 during the elections. After that talks about political party evaporated into thin air. But with Nigerians, that’s impossible. We are partisan people; we would die before we pledge allegiance to our country instead of a political party. The difference between these people and our people is they recognize they are Americans or whatever before they belong to these parties. But the African always find a group to belong to.

If it is not APC Blaming the PDP For the problems in the country after they have ruled for 16years with nothing to show for it, it is the PDP blaming the APC for the country’s recession and their plot to divide Nigeria. Or is it their supporters who bring guns and knives to social media discussions to shoot and stab anyone who talks against their political party without having the country’s interest at heart. Stupid people indeed! You start to wonder how much they are paid to defend another man’s course. This partisan attitude is what leads to all the fights and quarrels during elections. We cannot simply vote and go away in peace; we have to act like sore losers. It is only in Nigeria and probably other African countries that 1 year, 7 months after elections and 1 year, 5 months after swearing in, you still turn on your TV, radio or buy a newspaper and see, hear or reads stuffs like “APC and PDP supporters clash in Abia (that is an example) state” or “the APC government blames the PDP past administration for the present recession claiming they squandered the country’s resources”. Just imagine the joke we are forced to listen to.

And we talk about the country developing? When the people voted into power are more partisan than Nigerians. These people are chosen by their political party not because they deserve it but because that is what the party wants. They come into power and do the biddings of the political party not meeting the electoral campaign promise or the wishes of Nigerians. Talk about abandoned projects, every party with their own new plan. Abandon projects started by the former party just to paint the past look really bad. And the “dumb dumb” youths come online to argue and quarrel for these people. I like to know, “Does APC belong to your father? Or did your mother found PDP? Was APGA started by a family member? So why not respect yourself? It’s not like you’re being paid or these people know you. You won’t be handed a medal or even a handshake for defending their course. NEVER

Please, let us understand that at a point, these politicians unite. When it is time to eat our money and loot the country of its resources, they stick closer than bread and butter. We need to find a ground to unite. And that ground should be when the welfare of Nigeria is at stake. Forget what political party you supported during the election till the next election and face the growth and betterment of this country. This Partisan behavior will not help us grow and just keeps pulling us back. This country is bigger than any political party or person. This country and its welfare are important compared to your personal and selfish idea or opinion.

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