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The Place of Religion and Tribe in the Life of Human

Religion and tribe

When it comes to Religion and tribe, there is the need to thread carefully as this are sensitive topics that could make a dumb and deaf man shout in defense. Has Religion and Tribe helped in the development of mankind or has it stalled development? I have stated earlier that Religion is supposed to be the breeder of man’s sanctity. It is his way of connecting to his maker (see post on religion here). Tribe on the other hand has been generally described as Man’s identity.  While this is supposed to be the case, the contrast with Man’s ways and the above description has become an issue for discussion.

I picked up a few opinions on Religion and Tribe from people and I would love to share it. Person A thinks religion is a necessity but man has become fanatical about it. If Religion is taken away, it would lead to chaos but ironically, would also bring about unity. Also, Religion has taken away people from the God they worship and fixed their focus on doctrines (as Religion is mostly about doctrines) defeating the aim of coming to the creator. On Tribe, Person A thinks while tribe is identity, the whole essence of tribe is unity in diversity. Doctrines following with tribes are not always necessary. Rules bring order but are also supposed to be subject to change and most tribes refute change which becomes a problem.

Person B feels Religion is not slavery and don’t want people to make it look as though it were. Religion has been used to commit various forms of atrocities. There is a thin line between religion and Idol worshipping causing extremism. Religion should come with open mindedness and free thinking not looking at your religion as dominating.  So the moment you begin to lose these rights or start feeling like your religion is superior, it becomes slavery, especially when religious leaders begin to make stupid doctrines and are blindly followed. On tribe, it has become a problem. Bringing it down to Nigeria, people fail to identify with their country before their tribes and are not accepting or accommodating of other tribes leading to rifts. Many rules and tribal doctrines have become unacceptable but the people have refused to change with time for fear of taking away from their roots and culture.

Person C thinks religion is strict in general but humans should be able to make allowances as we existed before all of this. In as much as we practice religion, we shouldn’t overdo it. On tribe, it is a wonderful amazing and good thing so long as modesty is introduced.

Person D thinks if man were to indeed obey the inductions of his religions whichever one he practices, the world would have been better. The greatest weakness of religion is the people do not practice it the way the pretend to.  Religious leaders are not true to the faith therefore these rulers make selective quotations from their holy book that would back up their acts.  Hence Karl Max idea “Religion is the opium of the mass”. On Tribe, person D had a rather revolutionary opinion. Tribe is a product of myopia. People are unable to see beyond tribes. Tribe does exist and should but there is no reason why humans should fight and quarrel over it especially Nigerians. It has been used stupidly. If they are allowed to exist on their own, they will indulge in intra tribal wars. The funny part is when they go to other countries, they integrate and when they commit offences and are punished, no one says a thing like he was punished because he was a British Yoruba or an American Igbo. But when it is Nigeria, we start making talks on tribes.

Now women are the ones who suffer the most. Religion and tribe is an identity and a way of life yet women could change all of this overnight in marriage. Does the African woman even marry for love? Or she is forced to marry within the religion and tribe so as not to start building a new identity afresh and preserve her already existing Religion and Tribe. The fear to start a new life away from something you aren’t accustomed to or a thing you rejected long enough have caused many to stay away from their truth and reality. Many would much rather be unhappy than take the huge step. If you are able to, you might be seen as a rebel and might never really be accepted into the new tribe and religion.

So this brings us to the question, what is the place of religion and tribe in the life of man? From an anonymous writer I came across and I would like to quote “It either makes you helpless or a terrorist”. This is my school of thought. Feel free to share your thoughts also. Like I said, Religion and Tribe is sensitive and inconclusive.

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