Nwitte-Eze Onyekachi

In Defense of the Niger Delta

“Black Gold was found in the soil,

On our land they swore they had seen oil

From North and South, East and West,

Men flew like birds and make our land their nest

Without a treasure hunt, they had found the price

What we weren’t aware of was we were to be the sacrifice”

“We became strangers on our ancestral property

Enslaved and ridiculed in our community

Our waters and lands they polluted with their greed

Our well-being, their selfishness supersedes

We were shot and fired down with missiles of neglect

Treated equally or worse than animals with no respect”

“They killed our Fathers and brothers leaving their bodies scattered

Defiled our Mothers and Sisters and left us to raise the bastards

We were returned to dust in a matter of months

We became manure to the soil in months

They turned the world against us labeling us terrorists

And from the remnants of us, they created beasts”

“Then we stood up to protect our inheritance

Ijaw, Ogoni, Epie, Kalabari, Urhobo… we all took a stance

We would not be slaughtered for what is ours

We refused to be casualties all for this farce

Never again will our blood be used to water the lands of our birth

Neither would we allow our people be faced with untimely death”

“We have nothing but a longing for survival

We were all sane till you brought out the animal

We are never against the government

We only believe there is need for amendment

Nigeria is our home and we would never go against her

But the Niger Delta we live, we need not let you kill further”

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