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Sadism Plagues Nigeria and it needs to be eradicated


Sadism is a lifestyle in Nigeria. Have you ever had a problem with a Nigerian bank concerning the automatic reversal of money not paid to you by the automated teller machine (ATM)? Okay, everyone has. Have you ever had issues with your network service provider? Have you ever had issues with your electricity or water provider? You cannot be Nigerian and not have experienced any of this. While I have spoken about how helpless Nigerians are made in such situations (read post on helplessness for better understanding), I want to also state that this institutions are run my sadistic, bitter, heartless, wicked son of guns and daughters of Jezebels. And once you are employed to this organization, you are indoctrinated into their lifestyle.

Why do Nigerians like to make everything hard? You want to apply for a job or admission for school, they ask for 10 passports, 1000 CVs, originals of your primary 4 results, and your grandmother’s marriage certificate… the problem is that they aren’t giving you the job or the admission sometimes. Why do they have to make even simple things look like a big deal? Why make a job application look like an initiation into a university confraternity (I would not be surprised if the process for this isn’t even this hard). Nigerians have the idea of “if it isn’t hard, it isn’t worth it, why? Pure sadism

The banking system is the worst. My God! Can someone please explain to these people that this is 2016 and there are more ways than one to tackle the banking issues without asking us to wait for 10 working days? Have this so called bank workers ever stopped to ask if the individual is stranded on a journey or if the money taken was their last card? It is stupid and mean to drag issues on and on when you can get it settled with 24-48 hours. YES! It is very possible but they don’t tell you that. They like to pretend they are too busy.  This is the sadism we are referring to because even with all their branches scattered around with more than 20 workers per branch, they still need 1 year to fix it.

The network providers are another set of pathetic. These ones are just dumber than shaggy from Scooby doo. With the type of technology they pride themselves in; one begins to wonder how they still manage to exhibit such in-depth level of stupidity they parade. If it’s not an upgrade on your line, it is a new way to make you stand under the sun of about a hundred degree centigrade. They behave like they work with technology from 1642. Calling you every now and then for stupid advertisements and trying to so hard to make your life miserable. Do you know the worst? They ignore important issues like their bad services and their inability to improve on it.

Don’t bother calling the customer care representatives of any of these institutions. They are well groomed to not even pick the call and render services to you even though they all pretend customer satisfaction is their watchword (how Ironic). They make sure you get frustrated from trying to reach them and give up. They are worse than you can imagine. And when they finally pick, they have a long range of excuses to lay down for the awful service rendered. This ones are well groomed in the sadism concept that even Satan is afraid of them.

We need to call this people to order. We are the consumers and we keep them in business. We will no longer tolerate this level of sadism. If everyone decided to sink a borehole, the water board would be rendered useless, if we decide to not bank with this naughty banks anymore, they would fold, and if we decide to not use your silly network provision anymore, you are going down like the value of the naira. We implore you to respect the fact that you are here because we patronize you. Nigerian institutions better sit up and come to terms with the fact that we are not operating in 1974. You need to work with the time or we might be forced to put you out of business.

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