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The American Electoral lessons for Beginners(Nigerians)

american election

Its American time again. I can see smiles on the faces of so many people. The election has come to an end and Trump won. He won 48% of the votes and Clinton won 47%. What a close shove. Many Americans are unhappy and some took to the street to express their disappointments with Placards in peaceful protest. Take note of the underlined words; PEACEFUL PROTEST. That is how the people in civilized countries express their dissatisfaction with elections

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, conceded defeat the moment the results were out even though she was the candidate most likely to win. She accepted that she didn’t and congratulated Trump on his victory. What she didn’t do? She didn’t start dragging the matter to court because she felt she was more likely to win neither did her American supporters start bombing places, fighting the opposition party, snatching election materials or destroying government facilities to express their dismay and discontentment.

The American citizens who have been affected by this change have aired their views in many ways but violently. They are not attacking each other on the streets, burning down houses or gagging at each other’s throat. Is it because they cannot? Of course not! But they understand there is really no need for that. But over here, we behave like animals.

The moment elections don’t swing in our favor; we act like wounded animals and start blood battles in every corner of the world. The zoo is opened and all the wild animals begin to flood the streets. Violence is unleashed by animals walking as humans and the inability to see that things cannot always work the way we expect them to send the myopic ones to pick up arms. And our politicians, these ones are the most hilarious. They start going from court to court contesting the election instead of gracefully bowing out.

Nigerians when would we learn that nobody’s political ambition is worth your blood? At what point do we come to a realization that these politicians only use us as tool for destruction? When would we stop letting the minority of over less than 5000 crush us who are over 100 million? Are we not tired of allowing them play the religious and tribal sentiment cards with us? Since when did their sons lead us to battles or snatch the ballot boxes for their daddies?  Yet we allow ourselves to be manipulated by these bigots

Wake up people, electoral violence is for the animals in the jungle when they decide to overthrow the lion as king not for people who claim to be the most important species on the planet. We have been educated, given a better chance than these animals and claim to have evolved from their level. Let us really act like evolved people who are a product of civilization.

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