Nwitte-Eze Onyekachi

Unusual Problems demand unusual solutions


Everything that happens in this part of the world is unusual.  It’s very unusual for sane people to catch a child of 7 years old stealing garri and decide the best way to make him pay was to burn him alive. We are talking of a 7 year old, someone within primary 1- 3. A child who still gets his spellings and pronunciations wrong.  And supposed adults gathered to burn him at stake for stealing garri.

Schizophrenic patients roam Nigeria and this should be unusual. I am least bothered about those who burned this boy for stealing garri. My issues are with those who deemed the event fit for recording and snapping. My issues are with those who put their hands in their pockets or bags, drew out their phone, opened their camera, went to the front row for clearer view and watched the show live. I am more than convinced that the average Nigerian is a psychopath. I am convinced that the average Nigerian is indeed sadistic, wicked, cruel, evil, debased and devoid of any milk of compassion or bread of humanity.

And for those who burned him, what drives you to such insanity? At what point did the idea strike that killing this boy was an awesome way to handle the issue? How did the thought linger till the action was taken? What an unusual way to handle the situation. Do you sleep at night? I want to ask Nigerians especially the perpetrators of this crime, how many of your senators, hell local government chairman have you burned for stealing your resources worth over billions of naira?

Since when are you so embittered about stealing? Throughout this regime, you all have been crying that “the government hasn’t followed due process in executing any of its functions and duties. The government hasn’t followed due process by arresting law makers and interfering with the duties of other arms of government. The government doesn’t respect the constitution.” The government is run by Nigerians. I haven’t seen due process in the murder of a 7 year old. I have never seen due process in any of Nigerians actions so please can we stop being pretentious. Since when was due process a Nigeria procedure? We are worse than the government we feign anger at.

The federal government has since it’s coming to power in May 2015 arrested some corrupt politicians (because it is common knowledge that no politician is innocent) and what have we all done? We have insulted them, called it a one sided fight. Countrymen complained that the economy was better when we had our corruption. Some even mocked the move with the #bring back our corruption campaign. But then all of a sudden, the theft of garri has become a grievous crime and cannot be condoned. We cannot afford to have thieves running on the street and we cannot wait to report the case to the police or follow due process but God forbid the federal government does the same thing. Hypocrites!!

You carry placards and take to the street to campaign when corrupt people are arrested. You curse the entire government for their one sided corruption fight, the corrupt politicians are heralded and the entire public backs them in the evil that destroys your lives and that of your children unborn, and call the federal government corrupt also. Please does that make them innocent? If a mother is an illiterate, will that stop her from sending her child to school? So why do we act like the government is going after noble men? The situation that goes on in this country is unusual and if the government decides to use unusual solutions to tackle it, then everyone should beat it.

The government is a reflection of the society, like it or not. The societal members go on to become members of the government. Whatever they practice, they learned from the society. You want better governance; you will practice it at societal level. Whatever output Nigerians want, they must input otherwise, we would continue in our attained wild animal status making this country a zoo. And let me rub it in “The change begins with you

Disclaimer: We are NOT for or against the federal government of Nigeria. We are for the growth and development of Nigeria. But whenever we see an unusual issue that needs to be addressed, be sure we would spell it out without sentiments

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