Greenlandarise Writing Competition


Welcome to the First edition of Greenlandarise writing competition. This competition is open to everyone based in Nigeria as at the start and end of the competition

Who can participate?

Youths within the ages of 16- 35 in two categories;

Category 1                                                                              Category 2

16 – 25                                                                                    26 – 35

How to Enter/Entry details

Entry begins from 20th November 2016 and ends on 31st January 2017

There is no entry topic as we want to see what you can do best. All participants are to apply with their best works be it in poetry, creative writing, short stories, freelance and any other type of entry. All entries should not be less than 100 words or more than 1500 words.


The Entry Stage

After all entries have been submitted, our team of judges will pick out the 50 write ups which we believe are of immense quality and move them to the next stage.

The Selection Stage

At this stage, participants are given a topic to write on. The top ten are picked from this category and will proceed to the next. Elimination at this stage is by voting. All write ups will be published and voting will commence for a period of time. The 50 participants will be chosen 25 each from both categories.

The Final Stage

The top ten participants are given one final topic. The finalists will be picked, 5 each from both categories. The top three winners are also picked at this stage.


1st Price: N50,000 + Laptop

2nd Price: N40,000

3rd Price: N20,000


Rules and Regulation

  1. All participants must be within the age range of 16 to 35 by the end of the competition in March. In the finals, ages will be verified with participants providing valid means of Identification.
  2. Plagiarizing leads to automatic disqualification. Participants should be aware that all works will be scrutinized by our team of judges.
  3. All entries must be the participant’s original work without the help of parents, guidance, teachers or friends.
  4. Buying of votes by participants in the second stage leads to automatic disqualification. We have our team of tech experts who will make sure all votes are legit
  5. Participants are to submit only one entry. Participants with more than one entry will be automatically disqualified

To participate, send your entry to writerschallenge@greenlandarise.com

For inquiries, mail us at info@greenlandarise.com or call us on 08074643182

Like us on Facebook and twitter @greenlandarise for any more information.

We wish all participants the best

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