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Women are Underappreciated: It is a Woman’s World

womenGrowing up, I never really took the whole Mother’s day thing personal. It wasn’t something magical to me as everyone painted it. I saw fathers and mothers deserving of equal appreciation and wondered why they over exaggerated the whole mother thing and blew the women’s own out of proportion. I would be the last person to play the whole “mother is almighty” flute. But now, I have a different view.

Women are underappreciated by society. Women do too much for the little appraisal they receive. Indeed, they are the backbone of the society. Let’s start like this, as a male child; you have no worries about whom you end up with. This is obviously because whomever you get married to automatically take up everything that belongs to you. It’s the direct opposite in the life of a woman. She thinks of her religion and tribe. It’s difficult for her to just wake up one morning and change all of that. Those who have the guts to make that move, wake up to a new reality, a new way of life and new ideas.

She changes her name. Her identity is different. She is running around swearing affidavits, making announcements and replacing documents.  Then she becomes a mother. She loses all her form trying to form a new life, endures the inconvenience of 9 months and is faced with the stress of raising children. Those who try to maintain their body work so hard on it trying everything possible.

Most children who are parented by single parents are parented by women. The ratio of mothers being the single parent to fathers is around 100 to 1 or more. Of course there are exceptions to the rules but it’s only on rare cases that mothers abandon their kids (how many times do we hear of deadbeat moms). She has to cope with co wives and endure all of it. Share her husband with other women and swallow the pill. When the men cheat, they’re just being men but when women cheat, society spits at her face. Women endure cheating men, batterers, rapists and other violent rogues as husbands in a bid to save their marriages and their family names from shame.

Especially in Africa, 60% of the women are breadwinners either by choice or circumstances. Yet they show nothing but utmost submissions to their husbands. Women walk on eggshell all their lives because society awaits one mistake to capitalize on for the rest of their lives.

I understood that women are so much more. They give a whole lot to the society and their credits are undercut. They do so much than the men in keeping this planet together; a day will not be enough to celebrate them. Women are indeed an untapped reservoir of resources. They are the very essence of life on this planet. They don’t just birth, they nurture and give life. Now I understand the craze about women. This isn’t to say the men aren’t useful. No! This is just saying where women were scored 70% they should be given 300%.

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