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Feminists: what these women need to know


Have you ever used a leaking bucket to fetch water? Or put a basket under an open tap? In both situations, you end up collecting little to no water. Whenever the issue of feminism, gender equality or women empowerment is raised, women start flinging their hands in the hair and flipping their hair back.  Some of them even caption their pictures #feminists. The funny part is 65% of these women have no idea what feminism actually means and it’s embarrassing.

If a man had written on this issue, they would have prejudiced him for taking shades at women. Some of these so called “feminists” would have sworn he was against women and their rights. What better person to address this issue than another feminist who has seen the light and understand the concept of feminism (no jokes, I really mean it).

Women lament about how men never respect them, call the whole feminist concept a joke, view females as sex objects and abuse women both physically and mentally. Everyone, even a child can comfortably tell you women are mostly the victims in the society. I hate to be the one to state the obvious but why wouldn’t they? While we have women screaming about equality and fighting for equal rights for women, we have some shallow ones (sadly, women) countering every move with their archaic mentality. As women are implored to stand up for their rights, some people’s religion and tradition implores them to get down to the floor and leak the dust off the men’s feet.

The worst part is these ‘feminist’ are the ones giving us really bad names out there. Many women refuse to get a life of their own and draw their entire existence from a man. They swear they must be married and end up with the wrong people only to be divorced in a matter of months. Go to great lengths just to keep a man; bleach their skin, learn all household chores, sacrifice a baby and even walk naked to the Atlantic Ocean. As we discuss, another lady is taking off her clothes to dance for someone whose lyrics demean the people of her species. While a lazy girl is obviously marrying a man for his bank account.

Whenever issues are raised about women demeaning themselves with such attitudes, the feminists from the backyard starts screaming to let women embrace their sexuality, women are sexual beings too. If a man can walk around shirtless, why can’t women? Really, that’s how we are going to view it? We are going to address it with shallow thoughts and baseless arguments? If we want the world to take us seriously when we bring up the issues of feminism or gender equality up, we need to be serious or we might just be looked upon as the butt of jokes forever

There is need to teach the girls growing up to embrace their sexuality in  ways that actually makes sense. Not by running the street nude or sleeping around for some change.  Not believing a woman is empowered by the amount of boobs and ass she has acquired. We need to teach our daughters to stop competing with men for their roles (another misconception these feminists fail to look into). Teach them to empower and love themselves without waiting for approval from men. When we have moved from the shadows of men, no longer depend on them to do every damn thing for us and we show the world we can call shots too, then the concept of feminism will only be laughed at by a man who time travels from the 50’s.

The real feminists have spoken

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