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Nigerians are not Good People; Another Reason for Underdevelopment

good people

I walked out of an office building (the secretariat precisely around 6:46pm on a Wednesday evening. If you know the federal capital territory well enough, you would be aware about 80% of government offices are situated in the central business district with about 50% of that 80% around the secretariat that’s beside, opposite and behind. Knowing Abuja well enough, I knew getting a car back home around that time from office arena was no child’s play so I had it in mind to either hitch hike or stand for hours.

Getting to the front of one office building, I noticed there were quite a handful of people. But then I noticed something else; people were leaving their offices in empty cars and even when hailed down by bystanders, they just zoomed off. At this point, I knew I was sleeping at the office complex. So why am I narrating this story? I am stating that Nigerians aren’t good people.

We all know the childhood tales of turning to tuber of yam, sweets becoming finger, one chance cars, random kidnapping in free rides… with Nigerians the list is endless but that isn’t a reason not to do good deeds or for us to be good people. The secretariat is full of civil servants and its common knowledge majority of people leaving from there are just that; civil servants like yourself but yet, you would rather drive your empty car? Some of the people there, you know. Their faces you see every day, but you decide to wind up and throw your face the other direction. I understand the giving of rides is one example and a narrowed case study but there are a thousand more.

A child with a torn uniform walked up to a woman who owned a big store and ask for a pencil. She had 10 naira in her hand and was running late to school. Madam states the pencil is 15naira so she can’t sell to baby girl who isn’t more than 7 years old. So 5 naira contribution to keeping that girl in school is too much for madam with such a large shop? Madam sure isn’t good people. If we looked out for each other, the society would have been better. I have stated countless times that members of the society are the same people who go on to become Nigerian leaders.

This selfish and self-centered attitude when carried into the society is what makes one person steal the resources meant for 5 states and throw his face like the ones that leave their offices with empty cars as people hail them for a lift. The problem with this country stems from the mind. The moment mindset programming starts taking place in Nigeria, things would move faster. But for that to happen, we have to admit we aren’t good people and be ready to reprogram ourselves.

This isn’t to say you should give any daughter of Jezebel or son of Cain a ride in your car because you want to be good people. This is just saying, when there is a need that you can obviously meet, do the country some good and meet the need. Like Neil Armstrong said “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

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