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Signs of Myopia in Nigeria: Worshiping and Revering Corrupt Politicians and Scandalous Clergymen


Myopia also known as shortsightedness is the inability to see farther than ones nostrils. This disorder can be corrected with the use of glasses or contact lenses but the myopia affecting Nigerians needs more than that. The first step in treating myopia is identifying the signs and then seeking a solution to correct the issues. In thinking, acting, behaving and general reasoning, Nigerians are completely short sighted. There are too many signs indicating that Nigerians suffer from myopia but emphasis will be laid on two acts;

  1. Worshiping of corrupt and rotten politicians
  2. Revering scandalous and disreputable clergymen

These groups have been specifically selected from others because of the direct effect it has had and still has on the Nigeria people.

Worshiping of corrupt and rotten politicians

James Ibori, former Governor of Delta state has just returned to Nigeria after serving 4 years in jail in the UK for money laundering and fraud. The people of delta state were more than glad to see the prodigal son return home because the excitement on their faces and the screams of joy was really…words cannot quantify their excitement. They were so thrilled, the scene was nauseating. I thought they had gone mad; I almost puked in my mouth. And all for a coldblooded thief who robbed his own people? The man we speak of used Delta state as collateral to collect a 40billion naira loan. This was despicable.

Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was arrested in the UK for money laundering also. He jumped bail by disguising as a woman and returning to Nigeria. That was one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of the country. This man returned home and pleaded guilty to six charges in Nigeria. After his death, a date was dedicated to him in his state to be remembered. And why exactly are they remembering him? Is it for being a national disgrace or a criminal? Just imagine.

This is how criminals are heralded every day in this country. Now when our children ask about this men and why they are being celebrated, what is the response we hope to give? When kids steal in school, they are beaten, when people steal on the street, they are burned alive but when politicians steal the budget for three countries, they are glorified and given godlike status…a people suffering from acute myopia I  must say.

Revering scandalous and disreputable clergymen

How many times do we hear of our spiritual leaders involved in different crimes? I mean Christians, Muslims and other worshipers alike. I listened to a girl’s story on the radio from Cross Rivers state whose parents gave her to a native doctor because they owed him money and After living in hell, she ran away only to be cursed by the man and rejected by her family. This native doctor walks freely around his locality and is still being revered.

A popular pastor’s private jet was used to launder money and no one raised an eyebrow. Matter of fact, he’s still so many peoples mentor and his followers would quote “touch not my anointed” when you put him on blast. A 13year old girl was kidnapped from Bayelsa state, taken to Kano state and married off. She was kept in the Emir’s house and forcefully converted. Her parents were refused from seeing her and dragged through hell for their own child. Still yet, some imbeciles defended their actions. Honestly, these issues bother on the sanctity of human life and not just the myopia of Nigerians.

What is wrong with us? Who cursed Nigeria? Why would we refuse to seek medical attention for our myopia? It has become so bad we are actually going blind. Nigerians need a new pair of lens or an eye surgery to remedy our situation. We need to find a lasting solution to this anomaly. These people are driving the exceptions like me insane.

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