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The Battle of the Sexes: Who stays winning?

battle of the sexesThere is a huge outcry on violence against women in all parts of world. There has been protests, marches, seminars, advocacy… you name it. On social media, both individuals and groups have expressed disdain and anger towards the issue. Reactions concerning gender violence have always been mixed even though the majority moves for the motion to end gender violence. Same goes for feminism and gender equality. Women around the world are demanding for equal rights from the government and the society.

The bone of contention now is every time these issues are brought up and so many other issues concerning women, we have people come out to say the direct opposite. Some people just feel the need to turn into a battle of the sexes. In the cases of violence against women, you hear people saying even men are being abused also. I’m sorry, who isn’t aware that even children are also being violated? Why do we always leave the problem and instead focus on generalizing the issue? What is wrong with people’s mentality?

I dabbled into an unproductive argument on women being most likely to be victims in the society and someone kept countering the argument with the point “whenever women are victims, it is still men that come to the rescue”. And in the end, this someone gladly announced he won the battle of the sexes. Someone please give him a trophy for deviating from the subject and for his inability to focus.

This is why we have so many issues unresolved in our planet, simply because we are never facing the problem fairly and squarely. Someone starts feeling the need to play words and opposite and before we realize it, we have wasted quality time without solving the issue. There are women like myself who have never tasted abuse, they have never seen it. The only time we hear about it are from friends and the media. Does that make me the majority of women? Of course there are always exceptions and just as some women never tasted abuse and violence, a couple men have seen it all from their women but that’s not the point.

These issues are not a battle of the sexes as it is always made out to look. The issue isn’t whether men are abused or there’s need for animal rights also. Speaking of abuse against men, how many times are men even the victims of abuse? On average I can bet you it is 1000 abused women to 1 abused man. There are forums and other groups that tackle violence against men also.  But whenever the issue of women comes up, there is the need to mix it up and downplay the issue.

There is need to focus on the issue when brought up and not start running around in circle generalizing the issues. Digressing from the actual issue results in lack of solution to the immediate problem and misfiring of shots. In the end, everyone gets exhausted from just talking jargon. Every issue concerning women isn’t a battle of the sexes, No. and the fact that you view it as such makes you a problem finder and not a solution seeker. The world has enough problem finders and wouldn’t do well with some extras. We need solution seekers that can tackle the issue head on without steering the ship south simply because it has touched north.

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