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Types of Arguments Applicable in the 21st Century



Arguments have become a menu for those who use a lot of social media or live on earth generally. These days, its almost impossible to go on social media and not have a post raking in controversy like oil money. But what exactly is the reason for all the bloodshed of words? Why are missiles from keypad landing on every comment box? Its simply because people fail to understand one another. There are many reasons why this happens. Today, lets enlighten you on our own types of arguments and not the deductive/inductive type from philosophy.

Type of Argument 1: Argument of the Reasonable

Everyone must have heard the saying “there are arguments on which reasonable people can disagree”. This is applicable in this type of argument. The parties involved both argue with facts and logic but they also acknowledge they do not possess supremacy of knowledge. They agree to disagree in the end without throwing insults at each other. Argument of the reasonable always ends in favor of everyone because everyone gains something new.

Type of Argument 2: Argument of the Deaf

In this form of argument, everyone is talking but no one is listening to the other. Some participants are actually speaking with facts and probably logic often times but the other party is tuned off. During the argument of the deaf, even if one party comes with an encyclopedia and google, the other parties aren’t listening and are mostly stuck on their ideas. Insults can become a part of this argument if one party decides to listen and take a statement out of context. In the end, everyone leaves without a conclusion

Type of Argument 3: Argument of the blind

During blind arguments, facts are always present. All the facts are glaring to all parties involved in the war of words but everyone turns a blind eye. In these form of arguments you hear things like “is it not someone that wrote google too?”among many other hilarious things. This argument is mostly a continuation of arguments of the deaf when one party is finally forced to listen. This always end in everyone leaving angry including the reasonable party who is mad for indulging in such unproductive argument

Type of Argument 4: Argument of the Deaf, Blind and stupid

The interesting thing about this type of argument is if you join in 5 minutes later, you realize the issue isn’t what is being fought about. Arguments here are stupid as the name implies. Every minute, the topic changes and whatever brought the argument is unresolved. Nobody is listening to each other, there’s no need for facts.  All they need to keep this one going is insult. This type of arguments aid in making enemies. No participant gain and truth be told, nobody cares.

So the next time you delve into an argument whether online or offline, be sure you are in the first category. Not all issues are worth your attention and you must learn to pick your battles wisely. Failure to do so might just land you in the last category. Now that you know, go into the world and argue sensibly.

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