Nwitte-Eze Nkechi


Everyone would agree with me that ethnicity, tribalism, religious intolerance, religious preference and the likes are common world problems, and as much as I would like to make my focus Nigeria, I can’t deny that this is not only a Nigeria problem. 90% of Nigerians are guilty of this act, maybe just ones or twice in their life time, but that still makes the list and you might just be one of them. Yes, I mean you reading this.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were really in need of a particular thing and the person who you turned to for help decides to give a hand to someone else on the bases of tribe, religion or party? Even if you asked first, or deserved it more or even needed it more? Gosh! That hurts. I have been there, so trust me I know the feeling. If you never have been, you would probably be familiar with a scenario where a person who is most capable for an office is being denied because his tribe’s men or religious brothers are in the minority or probably weren’t able to mobilize themselves strong enough to come out and vote him. Yes you have. We hear this kind of stories all the time. So now do you understand my topic? Would you still wish to ask where things went wrong in Nigeria? Or ask why we are so stagnant in this country? If you would need an honest answer then, the problem is with you. Yes YOU.  Your failure to do the right thing is the problem, your failure to teach your kids to be humans first before being Christians or Muslims or southerners, northerners, easterners, westerners and whatever, is the problem. Your inability to keep ethnic or religious bias aside and vote in the most capable hands to rule you, is the problem.  We are not advising that one shouldn’t support their tribe’s men or religious brothers. EVEN THAT IS NECESSARY. All we say is do not allow your loyalty for anything steal your humanity from you. When a person deserves something do not deny them for some blind loyalty. So when next you want to throw shades at anyone’s incompetence, be sure you weren’t involved in placing the person there with your bias. The change can only start with you. We have to first embrace our humanity before anything else and that means, doing the right thing, showing love and having a conscience. That thing you wouldn’t want anyone to do to you, do not do it to anyone else. Let’s all wake up our conscience and say NO, to any religion or tribe that teaches us it’s ok to kill or hurt any human being in any way. The Law was made for man, not man for the law. We therefore can change the rules if they don’t appeal to our good conscience and do not illustrate the right way to live with one another. Say NO, to being slaves of religion, culture or tribe. Say YES to your humanity.

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