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(John Sculley)

I ones had a conversation with a friend of mine many years ago, about what she wanted to have achieved in 5 years, she gave me a really detailed explanation of her 5 years goal and it seemed really powerful, in fact they made me shiver. I knew she couldn’t be less a billionaire in 5 years to come.

Fast forward to 2017, this is about 7 years from then. I met this friend again, and all we discussed was how she was desperately searching for a job and how frustrated she had become. I asked what had happened to does her beautiful ideas and she said everyone advised her to give it up, even her parents. They all said it was a waste of her time, energy and money and it was going to crash in no time. I wasn’t really surprised because I remembered going into my first business at age 17 and everyone advising me against it. Well since I am much more strong willed, I obviously didn’t listen and went in on it. I failed even before I started, but I tried again at 19 years old. I remember my mum recounting all her friends and relatives who had gone into that business and failed. That didn’t change my mind though; I just tried to avoid previous mistakes. But then I failed again, though I enjoyed my success for 2 years, until I was unable to sustain the business. Well I haven’t tried going in on it again, but I sure would.

I failed and failure hurts, but at least I tried, unlike my friend who didn’t. Money, time and energy was lost, but I gained experience and that is something no one can ever give to me. I realized early enough that every successful person had his/her lows(Thomas Edison, Ben Carson, Albert Einstein etc). Failure is the motivation.  Successful people are risked takers, but are calculated risk takers. Living life itself is a risk. Going out every day in your car is a risk because they are possibilities of road accidents, that’s not to say you would step out in a car with damaged breaks. That’s unreasonable/not calculated.

I am not here to advice against being opened to advice from family and friends. It is necessary to be open minded, opened to advice and new opinions as well as ready to learn. But no one can see what your mind has conceived so therefore no one can completely understand your goals. The big point therefore is, if we want a better nation we have to begin to teach our children that it is OK to fail as long as they can rise again, we have to learn to stop criticizing those who failed but encourage them to try again, stop teaching our youths to fear failure so much they don’t even want to try.

Let’s join hands together to kick against the fear phobia. Let’s join hands together to produce youths who would always be willing to walk in on any task, no matter how scary. Let’s join hands together to produce a stronger people who would never back down until they have reached their goal.


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