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Statistics has shown that over 70% of Nigerians dwell in poverty; living below two dollars a day. Many would say the government has failed to provide jobs while some others would say the Nigerian environment is not conducive enough for people to thrive but as true as this statements may be, the reason they are too many poor people in Nigeria is because Nigerians have embraced poverty.

It is really funny to see how people view poverty as a way of life. Many people think being poor means humility but that’s why they are poor. I don’t know about you, but I have seen very wealthy people who are also very humble. I remember how people sang the praises of Mark Zuckerberg because of how humble he was when he visited Nigeria in 2016. For those who don’t know who Zuckerberg is, he is the owner of Facebook and the 5th richest man in the world. I didn’t say in your village or in the nation, I said in the world. And they are many more rich and humble people even in Nigeria.

I used to wonder why a lot of Nigerians condemned wealth, embracing poverty. Many claims included wealthy people lacked peace of mind, many has soiled their hands, many weren’t happy, and most are likely to miss paradise. But then I realized that couldn’t be the reason for the condemnation. They are many wealthy people who are peaceful, many who gained all their wealth from hard work and nothing evil, they are wealthy people who are very happy and they are people who are wealthy and still do not joke with their relationship with God. So what is problem? Those of you who are poor and condemning wealth, look at yourself and judge in sincerity, are you happy being poor? What about the so much evil you have committed as a poor person? Do you have peace of mind seeing all your needs and the problems you have and can’t solve? If the world was to come to an end now, can you be sure of paradise even in your poverty? Please let’s not deceive ourselves; there is nothing righteous about poverty. There is only laziness.

Many Nigerians are so lazy, lazy to think, lazy to work and definitely lazy to build wealth. Acquiring wealth is hard work and many Nigerians don’t like this process so they justify the reason for their poverty with all this lies they tell themselves. They are lazy, so they are poor but don’t want to feel too bad about it, so they look for religious backings and all sort of stories to back it up. I realized that people only condemn things they don’t have to feel good about not having it. But we all know that doesn’t help anything, so lets’ snap out of it.

Our society has configured us to poverty; they have made us believe that it is normal and honorable to be poor. But my dear it is not. There is nothing honorable about poverty. If we therefore wish to give to our children a Nigeria that would rise to compete economically with big powers, we have to Stop being lazy. Make use of your brain; you have one. Get creative. Stand up and work. Stop waiting for the government to provide you employment before you can make a living. Drop the excuses. Stop condemning wealth because you don’t have it, you can have it too, but you have got to work for it so STAND UP AND WORK. GET CREATIVE.

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