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When we say standard, we speak of it in the context of a generally accepted model, pattern or norm.

Without being said, it is very clear Nigeria does not have a general pattern for doing anything. Every single thing in the country is as disunited as the country’s people. It’s been years since Nigeria’s independence, and everyone should agree with me that it is old enough to have adopted some standards. We can’t look into the many conflicting models; here are a few that should get you thinking.

THE ISSUE OF DATE FORMAT: if you have ever seen where dates are written by Americans, you can easily tell, or at least guess the country the date patterns are from. This is because American date format is always, mm/dd/yyyy, that is, month/day/year, except for the military that uses the dd/mm/yyyy format for correspondence. THIS IS STANDARD. In the UK on the other hand the date format is always dd/mm/yyyy and it has been same for years and throughout the country. THIS IS STANDARD. How about Nigeria? Well it varies. Today it can be dd/mm/yyyy tomorrow it can be mm/dd/yyyy and next week it can be yyyy/mm/dd. It is all a matter of what comes to mind first. Different establishments with different formats. NIGERIA SHOULD ADOPT A STANDARD.

THE RIGHT POSITION FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND PLEDGE:I have been in many gatherings where the national anthem and pledge were chanted, and the disunity I see really makes me wonder. There is no standard position for even the national anthem? Very disheartening.  Some people are standing straight with both hands to the side, some are standing with lifted right hands, some have their right hands to their chest and others have their right hands close to their head in the military style salute position. NIGERIA SHOULD ADOPT A STANDARD.

THE ISSUE OF SPELLINGS: Have you ever seen where programme is spelt as program or colour spelt as color, flavour as flavor or even humour as humor? Yes I have. Many times, and they are all correct according to English language, the only difference is that the latter is spelt in American style and the former in British style. But the both in Nigerian style and like I said it’s all a matter of what comes to mind first. This is very poor. NIGERIA PLEASSSSS ADOPT A STANDARD.

THE RIGHT SYSTEM: In the UK, the school a person spends the 6 years of his life before going into the university is called secondary school. In America it is divided into 3 years of middle school and 3 years of high school and as far as I know, they don’t use secondary schools in America. In Nigeria on the other, I used to think secondary school was the generally accepted system until I visited Osun state and found schools using ‘middle and high’, I was shocked because these schools belonged to the government. I almost cried for my country. It was after this I started to notice we even had more of them scattered across Nigeria. Sad right? Yes very sad. NIGERIA SHOULD ADOPT A STANDARD.

Nigeria must generate new models, but at least an already existing model can be picked and generalized. This helps better communication within the country. When there is a standard, it doesn’t matter what country one grew up in, or where ones parents are originally from. When you are in Nigeria you follow a standard. Nigeria is a great nation, so populated, so blessed, and so old to have not adopted a standard. I THEREFORE STAND FOR THE ADOPTION OF A STANDARD. WHAT ABOUT YOU?



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