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Self Medication: Does that equate Safe Medication?

A recent study has shown that 3 in 5 people that administers self medication encounters health problems afterwards. Sometimes these complications are mild and the person may just need a few corrective drugs. Other times its a lot serious and may lead to death. The number of people that die from self medication every day is on the increase.

The government has continued to create awareness about the dangers of self medication. Health organizations keep organizing massive campaigns against self medication also. But without meaning to sound pessimistic, I’m afraid their efforts have been wasted as the majority never take the warnings seriously . Have you stopped to ask yourself why?

Looking into the statistics of death rates from self medication, I got to realize that the numbers are more in rural areas and one wouldn’t need to ask why of cause because the  answer is staring us right in our faces. Poverty and Illiteracy

People in the slums are so poor, they can’t even afford to comfortably eat twice a day or even drink good water, what then is the possibility of them raising money for Quality healthcare provision? (The hike in healthcare cost is story for another day) Self medication has become the easiest and most affordable way out.

When they’re campaigns and ads against self medications, it’s on TV that cannot be afforded by these people.

Illiteracy has been another factor suppressing the campaigns against self medications. Many campaigns are in print media’s and with the high level of illiteracy in rural areas, little wonder why they’re not heard. They are advertising to themselves and the literates even though many literates  do not read also.

Self medication has claimed many lives living up to its killer expectation. In the same measure, it has been safe and affordable health care for millions of people.

That doesnt make Self medication safe. But rather than just creating awareness, the government needs to take care of its people. Building more hospitals especially in the slums, equipping and upgrading primary health care centres from the dump they are and making healthcare affordable to the common man.



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