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“There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars”  ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
Many people keep making excuses for why they aren’t doing well or why they can’t do well in life, many blame it on a long list of faults they have, but without trying to sound unsympathetic, there is absolutely no reason why anyone can’t do well because no one ever existed without faults.
Everyone has demons they are fighting or demons they have fought and won, so if you think your faults are the reason why you aren’t doing as well as you should, then congratulations; and when I say congratulations I mean it in the most unsarcastic way possible, because at least you can identify you have a fault, so trust me, you are better than those who can’t even identify they have faults.
There is a popular saying that “no one is perfect” and that’s so true but what is also true is the fact that you don’t have to just accept a fault as being a part of you. You can work on being better, you can work to change them, and you can turn it to your strength, but that has to start by a recognition of that fault.
Thomas Edison was known to have poor focus and difficulty with speech and words, but yet he became a prolific inventor and business man. Linda Bove was a deaf girl born to two deaf parents and she ended up becoming a successful actress, she was known to have played the longest running role for a deaf person in television history. Lizzie Velasquez was born without an adipose tissue which made her never to gain weight. She was termed ugly and ridiculed a lot, despite her struggles
She became an author and a motivational speaker. Rather than focus on the event, she discovered her purpose on earth. She also has a YouTube channel where she addresses the issue of true beauty. Nick Vujicic was born without all four limbs. It was only when he came to terms with his condition, that he saw his disability as an opportunity. Nick at the age of 17 started a Non-profit organization, he is also an author and a motivational speaker. http://www.awazieikechi.com/building-confidence-11-examples-people-turned-weakness-asset/
Looking at the stories of this people, I see no reason why we can’t overcome our faults and become better people. Sometimes this faults are meant to be there to help us discover our true purpose on earth. Let’s stop looking so much at the faults that we fail to look at the asset, the glory, the greatness that is hidden beneath it all.

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