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For years Nigerians have been told that bail is free, and as we keep chanting this phrase we are constantly made to pay sums of money when ever we find ourselves or our loved ones justly or unjustly in police net.


NO! Bail is not free, it has never been free and the police force can’t even justify the phrase “Bail is free”. Before this post, the question of if bail is free or not was thrown out multiple times to the official twitter handle of the police force, but they refused responding to any. This begs the question, ‘why lie to the citizens’ and if this is not a lie, ‘why mislead the citizens?  Is a proper sensitization of the citizens so much a big deal for the police force?

If a little sum of money may or may not be demanded why not say so?  “BAIL MAYBE FREE” Would have been the correct phrase.

When cash leaves a person’s hand , no matter how small, it is not free.. I keep wondering how they call something free when we pay for it. Do they refer to another kind of pay? are they expecting some blood sacrifice as the true definition of pay? Or isn’t there anyone who knows good English in the whole of the police force that can help correct this phrase? I don’t understand and I know you don’t too.

The Police force claim to be combating corruption, but the corruption has started with this first lie that bail is free.  Fraudulent and misleading says the least.

For years the Police  force has subjected Nigerians to  paying before acquiring bail,  while still shamelessly putting up the bail is free posters in the Police stations. The Police superiors can not claim they are ignorant of this because this has been a constant complain over the years and they can’t tell the masses that this is an act by corrupt officers because this has been on too long and if anything, they should have put measures in place to correct this or at least enlighten  citizens on the proper action to take if asked to pay for bail.

I don’t know if this is the fault of bad English usage or corruption or they just enjoy misleading the citizens but whatever the case I think it is high time they put some dignity to that Uniform.



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