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Are you an aspiring business owner? Or aspiring to start a career? Have you been struggling with achieving your goals for so long, it seems you ain’t really getting anywhere? Then hop on board because this is for you.

The wait is that period of struggles and failures before ones success… That period of working hard without any positive results.
Most times when you want something so bad and don’t have it, life just has a way of bringing to your face, all those who have got what you are looking for. This is frustrating at times but looking at the brighter side, it is actually encouraging, it reminds you of what you have to achieve and also reassures you that it’s not impossible to achieve it.

The problem many people face while chasing their dream is, they want to reach their goal so fast, they don’t realize there is a process.

Many people spend their time comparing themselves to does who have achieved what they want; they don’t care about what it took them to get there. Most people would say, who cares about process? What matters is the result right? But you are wrong, as an aspirant you really need to care about the process.

A lot of people find it difficult to patiently wait to reap the fruit of their harvest. People mostly give up at this point, and quickly rush into something else…No one succeeds that way.

Many people want seedtime and harvest but it can never be so, because people don’t just plant and harvest immediately there is a space between the time of sowing and harvesting, that space of time is the time of growth, the time of development. If this process is ignored, the harvest would be unripe, this process is necessary for the harvest. It is therefore seed, time and harvest.

Do you remember the old aged tale about that patient dog that ended up with the fattest bone? Well that applies to all aspirants, you get a fat harvest when you stay patient. This way you let yourself grow, you learn from previous mistakes and failures and develop yourself from them. This may sound easy, but trust me, it is not, but you have got to want your success so bad that you are willing to go through it all. You have got to pay your dues; by this I mean go through the struggle. It is only by going through the struggle that you get to appreciate your success when it comes.

Everything you need is in the seed. You sow; but you don’t just sow and hands-off, you water your seed to get it ready for a fat harvest. That is what the wait is all about.

Look around you; listen to the stories of all those you look up to, no one got it easy, no one ever gets it on a Plata of gold. Some people get it faster than others do, but not withstanding they went through the process, they waited, they grew before success was attained.
You can’t skip the process, you must grow, and you must pay your dues. SUCCESS HAS A DUE DATE.

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  1. Nothing good is lost by taking. I want to also say that patience and attitude plays an important role to success generally

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